Education and Students

Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Medical Sciences <BVMSc >: 


The study duration of   <BVMSc> Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Medical Sciences, is five yrs. The academic year consists of two semesters (first & second) .


 The Subjects that are studied to obtain <BVMSc > Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Medical Science :


 Biophysics --- Molecular Biology --General Chemistry (  Physical Chemistry , Organic Chemistry ) -- Biostatistics & Computer ---English language & Terms ---Genetics ---Genetic Engineering ---Animal Anatomy & Embryology --- Animal and Poultry Histology  --- Animal and Poultry Physiology --- Biochemistry ---Chemistry of Nutrition ---Animal Behavior and Welfare --- Animal and Poultry Nutrition ---Clinical Nutrition ---Economics and Farm Management ---Animal Breeding and Production (Breeding the Animal and Improving the Production of Cattle , Sheep , Goats and Production of Poultry ---Pathology (Anatomic Pathology ,Histopathology)  -- Bacteriology, Immunity and Parasites ---Virology ---Animal Parasites ---Clinical Pathology ---Veterinary Medicine --- Hygienic Control of Milk and its Products , Oils, Fats and Eggs ---Internal Diseases --- Infectious Diseases & Epidemiology --- Fish Diseases --- Poultry and Rabbit Diseases --- Surgery , Anesthesiology and Radiology --- Obstetrics , Theriogenology and Artificial  Insemination ---Animal and Environment Hygiene --- Animal-Human Diseases --- Hygienic Control of Meat , Fish and its Products --- Forensic Medicine &Toxicology --- Veterinary Procedures .


--The student has to spend six months for training; these months are divided into: two months after taking the exam of the 3rd  year, two months after taking  the exam of the 4th   year , two months after taking the final exam of the 5th  year .

---The training is in:  the labs, the institutes of veterinary researches, abattoirs, the veterinary hospitals, the labs of control of nutrition and public health, one of the university veterinary hospitals or the veterinary units, and other places of the interest in the animal resources. The periods of training have to be under the supervision  of the teaching staff members


---The students has to attend the scientific lectures and lessons regularly .

The exam is held at the end of each semester, and the maximum degree is distributed  as  the following :


  50% allocated for the written exam

  50% allocated for the practical and oral tests .


 The Student's success is estimated in the various courses by the following grades :







ranged from 80% up to more of the total degrees

Very Good

ranged from 75% to less than 85% of the total degrees


ranged from 65% to less than 75% of the total degrees


ranged from 50% to  lees than  65% of the total degrees




The student's fail is estimated by the following grades :







ranged from 30%  to less than  50% of the total degrees

Very Poor

 is   less than 30% .







Eligibility Conditions for awarding the student Bachelor's Degree :

1)      The student must pass the exams of all the academic courses .

2)      The students has to spend the stated periods of training satisfactorily .

3)      Passing the courses of English, Statistics and Computer, is a prerequisite for awarding the student the Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Medical Sciences provided that the degrees of these courses must not be added to the total degree and should not be considered within the   failed courses when the student is promoted to the higher year .

4)      The total  estimation grade in Bachelor's Degree ,  is calculated according to the general average of the five years during that the student studied .