Students Affairs

1 - Procedures for joining the college:
  - Sending the acceptance file from Coordination Office of the General Directorate for Education Affairs.
  - Registering student with the nomination card at the responsible of first grade .
  - Accommodating accepted students at the college in terms of (regularity - Enrollment) after a medical examination.
 2 - Procedures to extract the card:
  - Payment of tuition fees and registration of the receipt numbers at the grade official.
  - A recent photo.
3 - Procedures of transfer from the College:
   - Extracting a status statement from students affairs with university stamps worth 100 pounds.
  - Payment of 14 pounds as fees in the treasury.
  - A copy of High School certificate.
4 - Procedures of transfer to the College:
- Delivering student's status statement to students' affairs .
- Writing a memorandom to register student at the college according to the total grade and the admission minimum of the college.
5. Procedures for extracting enrollment proof :
- Payment of 14 pounds as an enrollment proof fee at the treasury.
6. Other services:
- Adopting train subscription forms.
- Adopting university cities forms.
- Adopting student ID forms.
- Announcement of mid-year and final exam results.