Faculty Origination

Decision of the Prime Minister
No. 2450 for the year 2015
Prime Minister
   After reviewing the Constitution,
   And the Law on Organizing Universities issued by Law No. 49 of 1972 and its amendments:
   And the Executive Regulations of the Law on Organizing Universities issued by the President of the Republic Decree No. 809 of 1975 and its amendments:
    And the approval of the Higher Council of Universities.
    And based on what was presented by the Minister of Higher Education.
                                                    He decided

                                                (Article 1)
    Adding to faculties of item Fifteen ( Beni Suef University )
  Of Article (1) of the Implementing Regulations of the Law of Organizing the Universities referred to herein:
   Fifteenth: Beni Suef University
      23 _ Faculty of Developmental Social Work 
                                          ( second Article )
      This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into effect from the day following the date of its publication

      Issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on 10th September, 2015