It is organizers by a group of specialized personnel in the field of libraries and their roles are as the following: -

1. making sure that scientific books are available through students.

2.  making sure the existence of the books, references and periodicals through  faculty members.

**  the library has an area that is sufficient to more than 60 students in the same time because it is dedicated to college students and graduate students, the ventilation in the library is good.
Regarding the library hours, it starts from 9:00 am until 2 pm and the evening period lasts till five o'clock during school days only due to the presence of lectures of post graduate.
The Library includes plenty of new references represented in books, periodicals and theses either Master or PhD, and we can say that the Arabic references are more available, Regarding foreign references we provide appropriate groups annually to the library through the galleries and libraries but there is a relative scarcity of foreign periodicals due to the high cost of contributions.