Conditions of student registration for any diploma

Conditions of student registration for any diploma

First: Conditions of student registration for any diploma in postgraduate studies

1- He must have a bachelor's degree in commerce from one of the Egyptian universities or an equivalent degree from another recognized university institute. Students with bachelor's  degrees from other faculties may be accepted in any of these diplomas upon the proposal of the concerned department council and approval of the College Council.

2 - He must have practical experience in the field of diploma  for one year after obtaining the first degree, and that the Board of the section recognizes this experience.

3. The applicant must submit an application for admission to the Department of Graduate Studies on the dates determined by the College each year.

4 - The duration of the study to obtain any of postgraduate diplomas is two academic years.

5- The attendance of exams must be at least 70% of the total hours for each course.

6- Evening study .

Second: Departments of diplomas

1- Diploma of Accounting and Auditing. 2- Diploma in Business Administration.

3- Hospital Management Diploma. 4- General Insurance Diploma.