Work schedule

The library distributes works to specialists within the library

    Each specialist is committed to the department assigned to him within the departments
    There is a so-called digital library project as follows:

    Digital Library Project

Vision :-

Providing a unified electronic portal that meets the research and educational needs of the university so that it can search for all sources of information, both available in electronic form, which are contracted through the umbrella of the Supreme Council of Universities in cooperation with Beni Suef University, available free of charge through the World Wide Web or available in local information repositories Libraries, bibliographic databases, library catalogs, etc.

Mission :-

The mission of the project is to build a modern digital library for the university through which it can search the holdings of its libraries, link with other university libraries and other higher education institutions and scientific and research institutions in Egypt in the field of providing information services which share the same specialties in order to develop the information services they provide, and the integration of the acquisition and processing of sources of information electronically, which benefits the university in terms of budgets allocated to libraries, and the high quality of the research and educational process at the university on the other hand. In order to maximize the use of these resources for all members of the academic and research community in Egypt.

Objectives :-

    Mechanization of work procedures at the libraries of Beni Suef University and linking these libraries and those of Egyptian universities through the network of Egyptian universities
    The development of the digital library of Beni Suef University, including databases, books, periodicals and electronic university e-mails ... to provide easy and interactive access to all sources of information needed for educational and research purposes at the university.
    To create a unified catalog of the holdings of the libraries of the University of Beni Suef, which maximizes the use of its services and the elimination of undesirable repetition in both acquisitions and technical processes, as well as achieving uniformity in the work procedures between libraries through the adoption of international standards and the adoption of unified policies that help to benefit from the programs Such as cooperative acquisition, collaborative cataloging and inter-library lending.