Functions of the Unit

Functions of  Quality and accreditation assurance Unit. 

1.Coordinating work among all participants in the educational process to achieve the following:

· Academic quality management and quality assurance, and ensure the quality of research, quality and overall service to the community through the semi-integrated internal system accredited by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation applicable in this regard the level of global systems.

· Self-assessment of the performance of all elements of the activities of the college in all the activity, which include: the message - the structure and management methods - teaching - academic standards and educational programs faculty members -High learning opportunities - research and other activities - community participation effective - Quality Management - Action Plan to identify strengths and weaknesses and avoid the negatives.

• Develop an action plan to strengthen weaknesses and work to increase the strengths and controls to follow this plan to avoid the negatives and address weaknesses.

· Raise the level of the educational process through certified and structured program.

2. Forming a working team for continuous improvement of all the elements of self-assessment of the college and then in one or some of the following points

· Continuous improvement program.

· workshops.

· training courses.

· Applied research projects.

· Seminars.

· Conferences.

• Develop a system to evaluate and analyze performance include:

1) Development of models to assess the overall performance as well as

2) develop a system for the distribution and analysis of the educational process colleges evaluation forms.

3) develop a system for the analysis of performance evaluation models.

4) develop a system to monitor the performance and quality controllers ensure colleges.

5) develop a system to evaluate the performance of a special nature altogether units.

6) Develop a system that ensures the participation of all participants in the educational process in college and beyond all the elements of the annual self-assessment.

3. Work on continuing education and training in quality assurance and qualification for accreditation, including the following elements are met in the university community:

· Publish your awareness of the culture of quality in the university community (faculty and their assistants, students and administrators as well as members of the participants in the educational process from outside the university).

· Held workshops training courses in the university community in the field of quality management.

· Organizing and holding seminars and conferences in the field of university quality assurance.

• Develop quality system that ensures the continuity of the Faculty of Law as the following activities:

1) Conducting studies concerning the activity of the unit

2) Training courses.

3) Technical consulting.

4. Working on forming an opinion in my community supports the continuation of the self-assessment and quality assurance, Faculty of Law and confirms compliance with national, regional and global standards and using all means of outreach.

5. Finding other ways that increase the chances of achieving the strategic objectives.