Registration Rules for Postgraduate

Article (32)
 1. required documents for registration of graduate studies (Diploma Master PhD).
- Providing each student a Doucet contains the following documents:
1. join the request.
2. Bachelor's degree shown by the public appreciation and appreciation of material specialization.
3. Certificate spend training year (of excellence).
4. birth certificate or an extract from them.
5. approval of the work on registration and full-time study (the year of the Master - work or residency is recognized by the College Board's hospital diploma) half empty for four semesters for the PhD.
6. position of recruitment.
7. Number 6 modern photographs.
8. for expatriates offers the student a letter from its embassy includes approval of joining postgraduate studies and determine who bears the expenses of the study also offers a health certificate from the Ministry of Health stating it is free from diseases.
9. Applicants PhD student provides otherwise a master's degree.

Article (33):
** 2. A student may be exempted from attending the exam Some courses and exams if it is proved that he attended a similar decisions and has successfully exams in the university college or institute scientifically recognized by the university during the five years from the date of the performance of the test or receiving a certificate or degree scientific.

Article (34):
 ** May not be the supervision of a faculty member of the Theses submitted by one of his relatives to the fourth degree proportions or with body-law applied to the oral exam and practical nor may also subscribe to the jury.

Article (35):
** It may not be the involvement of the faculty member and his wife, father and son, brother, brother in the supervision of the same message.

Article (36):
 ** At least the number of supervisors on a master's thesis or doctoral than two and not more than three supervisors at the master's and four doctoral degrees.

Article (37):
** Participate Section donor to the degree with other sub-sections in the development of written and oral exams and clinical questions that corrects editorial securities each calculated average grades.

Article (38):
** Be a regulatory responsibility for postgraduate exams on the head of the department council.

Article (39): ♠ stop enrollment:
** Be stopping enrollment before the end of the original period under the request of the student or the department in order to take care of the child to accompany a spouse abroad accompany parents abroad for treatment training scholarships and official missions recruitment disease - or any excuse acceptable to the College Board
- By the end of the period of suspension or the student section to submit a request to lift the stop limitation.
**** Are Delisting Members procedures for the following reasons:
1. exhausted the number of times the progress of the exam the first part of the diploma and masters.
2. The end of the legal term and exceptional stipulated regulation.
3. supervisors report to the message not to regularity and seriousness.
4. The non-payment of tuition fees.

Article (40):
** Bound student is not considered a graduate only after the payment of tuition fees.

Article (41):
 Relieved of teaching assistants and assistant lecturers from tuition and fees to improve student services and get them just draw a University of innocence and fifty pounds a certificate in the case of D limitation.

Article (42):
** Exempted students research and resident physicians and doctors working medical schools, hospitals and university students scholarships to universities and aide researchers and researchers helpers centers and research institutes, as well as lecturers and assistant teachers colleges of Al-Azhar University and assistant teachers and teaching assistants, colleges and higher institutes of the Ministry of Higher Education at the Voter Registration for postgraduate studies in return
Scheduled to graduate university students services.