Scientific Degrees

Beni Suef University granted at the request of the College of Medicine degrees and diplomas in the following fields:

First: (a) diploma degree and master's and doctoral degrees in a clinical specialization branches of the following:
Batinah orthopedic diseases
Chest Diseases anesthesia
Clinical Physiology of the nervous system obstetrics and gynecology
Neurology and Psychiatry Radiology
Heart disease and vascular oncology
Pediatric rheumatology and rehabilitation
Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology Family Medicine
Public Health and Community Medicine and Occupational Health Eye Surgery and Medicine
Tropical Medicine and validity of the ear, nose and throat
Surgery Urology
Dental critical cases of hearing and deaf disease
Clinical Pathology and chemical communication diseases

(B) the degree diploma and master's and doctoral degrees in one of the branches of specialization in basic medical sciences in:
Anatomy Pharmacology
Histology Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Physiology Pathology
Biochemical Parasitology

Second: (a) diploma degree and master's in:
♦ dermatologists ♦ neurological and psychiatric diseases

(B) a PhD in:
♦ ♦ dermatology andrology disease and surgery
   Alasaah psychiatric diseases
  Neurosurgery Cardiothoracic Surgery