Specialty Diplomas

Article (13): -
The period of study to obtain a diploma of specialization year and a half (three semesters) and are of two types:
- Section I: one semester (six months), followed by a comprehensive examination.
- Section II: two semesters (one year), followed by a comprehensive exam in the specialty.

Article (14): -
Conditions for registration in one of the diplomas of specialization:
1. requires the student to study under one of the special diplomas of specialization to have a bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery from a university in the Arab Republic of Egypt or equivalent degree from the Institute of scientifically recognized by the university.
2. must have spent training or equivalent year.

Article (15): -
It requires the student to obtain a diploma of specialization:
(A) obtaining an accredited college courses in:
♦ Windows computer - Excel - Word - Power Point - Internet))
(B) attend courses and training in clinical and practical satisfactory according to credit hours.
(C) that the work as a physician resident or visitor to drink at least one year in the Department of specialization or a hospital approved by the College Board.
(E) to succeed in the exam the first and second sections.

Article (16): -
Calculated the final estimate of the diploma on the face follows:
- 30% of the exam the first section.
- 70% of the exam, the Second Section.

Article (17): -
 Calculated estimates of success and failure in exams diploma same master system (Article 11).

Article (18):
 Student unrestricted master's degree if passed an examination first section was completed within the constraint message for specific regulation can get a diploma of specialization certificate in the case of performance Section II exams successfully.

Article (19):
Progress to be under the specialization diplomas once a year in the same master system (Article 6).

Article (20):
Exam system for diplomas the same master's exam system (Article 9).