Conditions for Enrolling in Master Degree

Article (5): required in the student's enrollment for a master's degree:
1. To have a bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery from one of the universities ARE or equivalent degree from a recognized scientific institute of the University .
* Who has a bachelor's degree grade acceptable allows him to log a message to complete the master's degree in case of receiving a good estimate at least in the diploma.
* I have to be a registered letter within five years at most from receiving a diploma in the specific registration deadlines.
2. must have spent training or equivalent year.
3. to devote himself to study for at least one year in the second part (two semesters).

Article (6): The progress of the running for a master's degree once a year during the month of July each year.
* Study begins with the Master of the month of October each year.

Article (7) requires the student to obtain a master's degree specialization in one of the branches of Clinical Medical Sciences Core:
(A) obtaining an accredited college courses in the areas of:
♦ computer (Windows - Excel - Word, Power Point, Internet)
♦ Medical Statistics
♦ Research Methods
(B) attend courses and trainings and practical clinical and laboratory as satisfactory.
(C) that the work residency drink or doctor visits for at least one year in the Department of specialization for Clinical Sciences.
(D) to succeed in the exam the first and second sections.
E - to prepare search in the subject approved by the university after the approval of the Faculty Council ends prepared message accepted by the committee discussion.
(F) that meets the requirements of scientific activities as determined by the department in accordance with Article (3)

Article (8): calculates the final estimate of the diploma and a master's degree on the face follows:
- 30% of the exam the first section.
- 70% of the exam, the Second Section.
** Message without appreciation for the Master.

Article (9): exam system:
- Examinations Division hold a master's degree in the second week of April and deposited subject to examination in the second half of September in the material that failed only.
- Section II examinations are held during the months of November and May each year and the study begins the second section only after success in all first section materials.
- Of the deposited material in the study of materials or group (the first part or the second) leads the exam material or group that just failed them.
- Limit the number of times the progress of the exam the first section with six courses (three years) and if the student does not succeed during this period shall be canceled once it is registered.
- Begins in progress for the exam ahead of schedule at least one month and closes the door of progress before the start of the exam week.

Article (10):
A student may not remain restricted to study for a master's degree more than four years and are eligible for the College Board to license his fifth year and sixth year, after the approval of the board of the department based on the supervisors report.

Article (11): calculated success and failure in exams estimates master's face follows:
- Better than 85% or more
- Very Good from 75% to less than 85%
- A good 65% to less than 75%
- Acceptable 60% to less than 65%
- Poor less than 60%
- Very weak less than 30%
In the case of receiving the very weak in the two tests eliminates Date

Article (12):
Course deals with a master's degree in basic medical science classes and lectures in basic material, which leads the student to get a master's degree and in the material or other additional material designated by the Board of the Department of the basic material of the material determined by the University Council at the request of the Department Council.