Doctorate of medicine , surgery or medical science

Doctorate degree in medicine or surgery or basic medical sciences

Article (21): -
Required in the student's enrollment for the doctorate degree in medicine or surgery or basic medical science have obtained a master's degree in the subject of specialization from a university in the ARE or equivalent degree from another scientific institute recognized by the university.

Article (22): -
The period of study to obtain a three-year doctoral degree (6 semesters) at least distributed as follows:
* The first part:
♦ Basic Sciences semester for six months, followed by a written examination and an oral
The second part does not begin only after passing all the materials successfully.
* The second part message:
Five semesters for two years and a half.
Then the student has the right to enter the final exam to be gone from the letter of acceptance (6 months) before the date of the exam.
*** Message:
For four semesters begin recording the message at the beginning of the second semester after the success in the first part it is discussed after the completion of which, two years after registration of the subject of the message.

Article (23): -
♦ student class is granted after passing the exam the first part and discuss the letter and the passage of the entire semester after the debate (6 months) at least passing the final exam successfully.
 ♦ receiving a certified college training courses in the field of "quality health care" in addition to receiving the required training courses in the master's degree.
♦ successfully pass the TOEFL certificate in English (according to university requirements) and the International Computer Driving Licence ICDL

Article (24):
* Be applying under the PhD twice a year during the months of October and March each year.
* Be awarded mainly on two floors (the role of May and November).

Article (25):
 ** Requires the student to obtain the degree of Doctor of Medicine or surgery or basic medical science the following:
* Attend courses in a satisfactory school.
* That the innovative research on the subject has been approved by the university after the approval of the Faculty Council for a period of at least two years (in the second semester).
* To submit the results of its research message accepted by the jury after discussing them.
* Successfully pass the written and clinical tests and oral established in accordance with what is stated regulation.
* That meets the requirements of scientific activities as determined by the department in accordance with Article (3).

Article (26):
* The student must restrict his name for the exam ahead of schedule at least one month.

Article (27):
* Required for the success of the student in the doctoral exam to the satisfaction of the Commission exam on all the tests prescribed and in every part of their parts separately by taking the average of the estimates of the Committee members and if the student fails an exam of any decision of the doctoral degree re-exam on all the courses.

Article (28):
* Hold the exam for a PhD in November and May each year.

Article (29):
* A student may not remain restricted to the doctoral degree for more than four years without progressing to discuss the letter and may the College Board that the student gives out for a year in case of accepting the excuse and renewed for another year.

Article (30):
* Launch opportunities for advancement for the final exam.

Article (31):
* Shows doctorate in the subject of the message and Specialization.