Interior Regulation

The college seeks to prepare a social worker who can compete in the labor market locally and regionaly and do positive change in society, it also does researches that study human behavior and the social environment to develop appropriate plans for professional intervention at the levels of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It also works to develop the internal society and the surrounding community and contribute in solving national problems

The Faculty of Developmental Social Work aims to achieve the following objectives:
Preparing scientific cadres and developing them professionally to work in the fields of professional practice of social service and graduate the social worker who works as a general practitioner after preparing him scientifically and practically.

Updating and developing professional courses of the social service in accordance with the aspirations of the Egyptian society

Conducting researches and academic studies in the social fields and scientific research specialized in social service

Preparing social skills training programs for social workers in the fields of social care and its various fields

Providing technical advice in fields related to the disciplines of the scientific departments and cooperating with the concerned bodies to benefit from the capabilities of the college expertise in this regard to serve the purposes of planning and development

Holding seminars and scientific conferences at the level of the college and its scientific departments, so as to exchange experiences and identify modern trends in the profession theoretically and scientifically to achieve the best possible performance.