Cooperation Protocol with ''Life Makers Foundation''

9- Cooperation Protocol with “Life Makers Foundation”    

     A cooperation protocol has been signed between BSU, headed by the chancellor dr. Amin Lotfy, and Life Makers Foundation, represented by the Muslim preacher Amr Khaled, the vice-chief of the foundation. The chancellor emphasized that we must work on the renaissance of Egypt and helping it to overcome the critical situation it faces, indicating that the first step of the renaissance is embodied in science and work because the scientific research is very weak in Egypt inasmuch as the weakness of the budget specified for it.

     He added also that making a plan is necessary for establishing a research base full of the knowledge of all sciences and specialties, since the civilization of peoples can not be built without science and creativity. The chancellor expressed his admiration about the project “science is power”, he said that the university always welcomes any invitation for developing science and education and that illiteracy must be eradicated in Egypt by the mutual cooperation and volunteering of the erudite youth.