Department's Activities

 - Contacting Egyptian cultural representation offices around the world to activate  scientific cooperation and student exchanges
- Strengthening cultural and scientific cooperation with the offices of cultural representation of countries in the Arab Republic of Egypt
- Contacting all relevant departments inside the university to facilitate and guide the procedures of receiving the papers of international students and the quick review and issuance of acceptance decisions and graduation certificates.
- Providing guidance on the various available services to students within the university.
- Allocation of well-equipped buildings for residence of international students in
- Organizing meetings to welcome new international students to familiarize them with the university and encourage cultural dialogue among different nationalities
- Developing an integrated electronic system that explains the objectives and activities of the department, as well as responding to students' queries via the university's website.
- Completing the security procedures for these students.
- Assigning an employee in each faculty to communicate with foreign students and overcome difficulties for them