Biomedical Optics

The Biomedical Optics Department combines the use of lasers for imaging, laser surgery, and cell and tissue manipulation. The department can be subdivided into two groups: Biophotonic Imaging and Manipulation and Image-Guided Laser Surgery. Apart from the intentional division of the thematic fields into in vitro applications and in vivo applications, there is a high cooperative application potential and a high level of cooperation in the whole department, especially concerning imaging.

The use of these visualization techniques for different processes in medicine, (cell) biology, biomedicine, and green biology is the basis for close cooperation between the department and the faculties and research institutes abroad.

The Biomedical Optics Department can use their expertise here, especially in multimodal imaging. The gap of imaging technique scales between two-photon microscopy and the like on the one hand, and clinical imaging (MRT, CT and others) on the other hand, can be closed by OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) and SLOT (Scanning Laser Optical Tomography). These two imaging technologies together with confocal laser scanning microscopy, can detect similar as well as the same cell markers, and furthermore image data can be compared with each other.