President of Beni Suef University inspects the exams of the faculties East and West the Nile

26 Dec 2017

Prof. Dr. Mansour Hassan, President of Beni Suef University, inspected the first semester exams in a number of faculties of East and West the Nile, which included the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Graduate Studies for Advanced Science, Faculty of Computers and Information, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Applied Medical Science, Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Mass Communication, so as to check on the progress and regularity of exams.
The university president stressed the full securing of exam committees through a sufficient number of administrative security personnel to ensure the conduct of exam process in an atmosphere of security and he praised the role of the university administrative security in the east of the Nile in covering the needs of students and follow the progress of the exam process in all faculties there. He assured the necessity to displayu exam schedules, seating numbers on clear guidance boards for students and he is always ready to receive any complaints from students and solve them immediately,
He also visited the outpatient clinics of the Faculty of Dentistry and followed up the influx of patients to the clinics and the method of providing medical service. He pointed out that a special entrance for those who frequented the clinics is located away from the entrance of the college.