Statement of Beni Suef University on the fact of the fall of a student from the fourth floor, Faculty of Pharmacy

10 Jan 2018

       At ten o'clock on the morning It was notified to the University administration of the fall of a student from the fourth floor of the College and informed the management of the college that the student .

       According to the management's note, the student / R, who is enrolled in the third department of the college after entering the examination committee for the microbiological material and before distributing the question sheet directly, was surprised that the student jumped out of the examination room window and immediately was transferred to the university hospital for her ambulance. By an integrated medical team of the hospital departments, but she died at 12 noon.

      It is worth mentioning that the family of the student used to be with her during the examinations and they were in the company of her during the incident while the administration of the college to make an administrative record and work minutes at the police station in the university hospital.

     The President of the University deplores the grief and sorrow of the student, calling on the Almighty to grant her mercy and to inspire her family to be patient and patient.