Publication Categories

Types of contribution 

The Journal of Veterinary Medical Research welcomes the following contributions:

1. Original research articles:
Research papers should include a title of not more than 15 words; the names, qualifications and addresses of each author; an e-mail address for the corresponding author; and an abstract of not more than 300 words covering the methods and results of the study. They should be set out in the following sections: abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, acknowledgements, references. Clinical papers should follow a similar overall arrangement, modified appropriately. The text should be as concise as possible.

2. Review articles:
Review articles dealing with all aspects of veterinary sciences, within the scope of the journal which, and of active current interest will be accepted, but subject to the approval of the Editor-in-Chief. They may be submitted or invited. Typically, we would expect articles to be around 4000 words, excluding references. If you would like to suggest a subject for a review article please email

3. Short communications and case reports:
Short communication and case reports are intended to rapidly communicate novel ideas, preliminary accounts of work, original observations, new methods, short clinical reports and significant case reports, but which are insufficient to fill the requirements of a full-length article. They should follow a similar format to papers but. But do not use section heading in the body of the short communication and case report; introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion should be in a single section. The title should be no more than 10 words, the text should not exceed 1000 words and only one or two figures and/or tables should be included. The word count excludes the title, author details, abstract, tables, figure legends, acknowledgements and references. The references section is identical to that of articles. To be considered for publication in the JVMR, a single case report must meet the following requirements:
1. Must describe a significantly novel presentation
2. Must describe a clinical technique or treatment that would significantly change the course and prognosis of the described disease (in this case more than one case recommended).
3. Must be the definite first clinical report or first case(s) of diseases in a particular location with epidemiologic factor.
4. Must explain the best practice pursued.