Weaknesses and strengths

Points of strength and weakness
First: Strengths.

There are many strengths at the Faculty of Law, Beni Suef University, perhaps the most prominent:
1) The only college of its kind in Upper Upper Egypt (Beni Suef, Minia, Fayoum)
2) A number of its graduates have the highest academic, parliamentary, judicial and international positions.
3) A large number of bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in law were awarded from the college.
4) The Faculty has a diploma in medical law, which is unique in Egypt and the Arab world, and it allows enrollment for non-law students from the medical profession.
5) The college has a diploma of intellectual property within the postgraduate diplomas for non-study law as well.
6) A number of faculty members received the State Encouragement Awards.
7) The College sent a large number of faculty members to scientific missions abroad, as well as a large number of assistant professors to obtain a doctorate from abroad.
8) The College participates actively in community service and environmental development, through legal awareness and legal advice.
9) The existence of programs of practical legal studies in open education is different in the bachelor's stage that allows the student to choose freely. 
10) The College has a number of computers suitable to the number of administrative units at the college, which helps to qualify the administrative system to provide excellent service.

II. Weaknesses

In contrast, there are some weaknesses at the college, perhaps the most important:
1 - lack of adequate training for faculty members and administrative staff.
2 - Lack of equipment for faculty members.
3 - not to equip and furnish the offices of faculty members as much as necessary.
4 - weakness of communication skills at the college.
5 - Lack of effective policy to develop decisions and programs.
6 - Lack of a clear research and training plan.
7- Lack of faculty members in some specialties.
8. Weakness participation in scientific and foreign conferences.
9 - Low number of scientific conferences organized by the College.
10 - Organizing the event of the graduates in an unorganized manner.
11- The number of teachers and assistant teachers in the faculty is low.
12- The weakness of the media side of the college.
13 - not developing and amending of the internal regulations of the College.
14 - irregularity in the issuance of the College Journal.
15- Non-regularity in holding the annual employment forum of the College.
16. Weak communication policy with the graduates.

A plan for improvement, strengthening of weaknesses and increasing strengths has been put in place and is now being implemented to achieve these objectives.