About Legal Clinic

The experience of Legal Clinics at faculties of Law is a unique step towards the dissemination of interactive teaching methods. They provide students with professional skills and enhance communication skills with the local community. They also serve members of the community by providing legal education and awareness and using various legal science to serve vulnerable and marginalized groups in the community such as workers, victims of organized crime and poverty.

The issues of legal clinic are not limited, and are not fixed over time, but they are determined by the priorities and concerns of society, and address social, economic and political human rights and freedom. In this regard, the role of clinical legal education is to blend among the fundamental principles of law and the development of its branches and trends of Legal clinic

During their work in the legal clinic, the students are asked to know how to solve the legal problem they face in the real case, and determine the law or the set of laws that regulate their aspects and formulate their legal strategy.