Planning and following up the University  strategy of International cooperation *
      *Marketing the University to achieve its strategic objectives of international cooperation
     *Activating  the University membership in various international and Arab organizations
     *Communicating with foreign organizations at home to support the objectives of the University
     *Communicating with the scientific and cultural offices in foreign embassies and inviting them to visit the University
     *Setting up link for the International Cooperation Unite at the     University Website
     Publishing  flyers,  brochures and newsletters to increase the visibility of the unit*
     *Building the capacity of staff members and their assistants in  writing research plans and projects  
     *Holding information sessions to focus on multiculturalism and open up cultural and scientific dialog
     *Developing the competitive strategy of the University at the local, regional and international level, depending on academic mobility and activities with faculties in Arab and international Universities
     *Setting up Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding with Arab and international Universities in areas of excellence that increase the University profile
     *Following up scientific exchange Agreements with foreign universities and activating them
     Inviting distinguished professors and scholars to visit the university *
     *Representing the University in workshops, initiatives, and conferences
     *Participating  in the reception of foreign delegations
     *Communicating with the offices and units of the international cooperation in other Egyptian and foreign universities
     *Establishing a database for all recipients of  scholarships or postdoctoral or scientific visits to take advantage of their expertise and establishing a forum for them