Vision, Mission and Objectives

The Faculty of Nursing at Beni Suef University strives to excel in academic nursing education at the local level and to achieve regional and global excellence.

The Faculty of Nursing at Beni Suef University aims at preparing distinguished nursing staff capable of providing comprehensive nursing care and competition in the local, regional and international labor market, and creating a distinguished research environment that contributes to the development of profession, community service and the environment.

Objectives of the community service sector and environmental development
The community participation aims to contribute to raising the awareness of health and environment and providing excellent community services based on the identification of social, health and local needs


  1. Awareness, education and training
  2. Attention and renewal to the surrounding environment through afforestation and paints
  3. Helping students buy their clothing at nominal prices (through university exhibitions)
  4. Early detection of chronic diseases (high blood pressure - high blood glucose level)
  5. Helping those who can not be sure of their health
  6. Contribute to the entertainment of orphaned children
  7. Create a spirit of love and compassion between students and orphaned children
  8. Training a group of professors of the Faculty of Nursing to conduct awareness sessions and seminars for students and employees to protect against liver viruses
  9. Creating job opportunities for students of the Faculty of Nursing
  10. Spreading health awareness within the college
  11. Supports and creates a spirit of love and compassion between students and the elderly
  12. Health education for the surrounding community by doing some therapeutic convoys
  13. Awareness of the importance of voluntary behavior for health in society
  14. Raising awareness for school students
  15. Spread awareness of the importance of community service and community participation for health
  16. Provide students with college information and concepts on first aid
  17. Holding training courses to raise the efficiency of nurses in Beni Suef governorate
  18. Early detection of breast tumors through convoys and educational campaigns in Beni Suef Governorate and its villages and schools