Renewing confidence in Dr. Olfat Abdel-Rahman, Dean of Faculty of Physiotherapy

15 Sep 2020

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Dr. Mansour Hassan, President of Beni Suef University, issued Decision No. (1190) today, renewing Dr. Olfat Abdel Rahman Diab's work as Dean of the College of Physical Therapy until reaching the age of pension.
It is worth noting that Dr. Olfat obtained a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Cairo University in 1983, then a master’s degree with a very good grade in 1990, then a doctorate in the field of biomechanics from the Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University in 2005, and she graduated in university positions until she reached the position of professor Assistant at the Faculty of Physical Therapy, Beni Suef University, then a professor at the faculty, then Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research in 2016.

She has received many training courses in the fields of international publishing skills, ethics of scientific research, academic advising and effective learning, in addition to the research activities that she undertook within the framework of international cooperation through her participation in international conferences and the publication of many researches in local and international journals.