Vision and Mission

Faculty Vision:

The faculty of nursing Beni-Suef University is looking for to achieve a leading position within the corresponding colleges locally and regionally in the development of the nursing profession. 

Faculty Mission:

The faculty of nursing Beni-Suef University is going to graduate qualified nursing and distinct scientifically and professionally and familiar with the latest scientific methods and modern techniques and are able to provide high quality nursing care in all health institutions, enabling them to compete in the local and regional labor market in accordance with the quality standards of university education، as well as the preparation of scientific researchers contribute effectively in solving health problems of the community.

A questionnaire about the vision, mission and goals of the college
Together we form the future of healthcare in Egypt through excellence and innovation in education, research and nursing practices
College Vision:
The College of Nursing is looking at the vision of Beni Suef University to achieve a leadership position within the local and regional colleges.
College Message:
The Faculty of Nursing at Beni Suef University aims to provide excellent educational and training programs in line with local and international academic standards to prepare a graduate capable of dealing with all data, variables and scientific revolutions.
College Objectives:
• Prepare a distinguished graduate scientifically and professionally familiar with the latest scientific methods and modern technologies and able to provide nursing care of high quality.
• Ensure a high quality educational level through which students acquire basic academic knowledge and scientific and clinical applications.
• Graduation of a nursing specialist and an efficient general practitioner in the nursing profession in various nursing specialties.
• Qualifying the student with some social and human sciences to prepare him to interact with the society and to integrate in it with a patriotic sense of faith through his humanitarian profession, which needs continuous giving.
• Provide students with the skills of self-education and distance learning and provide them with a culture of self-reliance in innovation, development and innovation.
• Provide the student with critical thinking skills and problem solving while helping to make a decision
• Provide the student with the framework, traditions and ethics of the profession to be at the appropriate level socially acceptable.