Management Board

Formation of the Board of Directors of the Quality Assurance and Rehabilitation Unit for Accreditation

Chairman of the Board of Quality Unit
Prof. Mohamed Hussein Maabed Dean of the College

Unit Quality Director
Dr. Eman Mohamed El Sherbini Community Health Nursing Instructor

Senior Deputy Director of Quality Unit
Dr. Hanan Zublawi Nursing teacher of mother and newborn
Dr. Sahar Sedky, Pediatric Nursing Instructor

Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs
Dr. Abeer Al-Maghawari

Vice Dean for Environment and Community Service
Dr. Salwa Ahmed

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies
Dr. Noha Ahmed

Director of the College
Mohammed Amal

Director of Financial Management
Nasser Saad

Representatives of the supporting body members
Hussein Magdy Assistant Lecturer Mental Health Nursing
Bassiouni Mohamed Bassiouni assistant professor of nursing administration
Ahmed Lotfy Assistant Lecturer
Faten Saeed Assistant Pediatric Nursing Instructor
Radhi Mubarak Demonstrator, Department of Nursing Administration
Ashghan Fathi Alhajai nursing quality unit
Ahmed Farghaly Teaching Assistant, Department of Nursing Administration
Asmaa Ahmed Teaching Assistant, Department of Nursing Mental Health
Ibtisam Ali Demonstrator, Community Health Nursing Department
Mansour Mohamed Teaching Assistant, Department of Nursing Administration
Afaf Sayed is a lecturer in Community Health Nursing
Loyalty Club
Kryman Mahmoud is a lecturer in Community Health Nursing
Suheir Awais Teaching Assistant, Community Health Nursing Department
Ahmed Sayed Teaching Assistant Department of Nursing

Staff representatives
Mrs. Eman Attieh
Mrs. Najla Abdul Jawad

Student representatives

Functions of the Board of Directors of the Unit:
1. Establishment of a quality assurance unit system.
2. Adoption of the location of the unit and the organizational structure of the College Council.
3 - Preparation of work plan unit monthly and annually.
4 - Support cooperation with the Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation at the University through the organization of periodic meetings and the benefit of the Center monthly report on the effectiveness of activities at the College.
5. Approve and approve the reports submitted by the Unit Manager to the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center at the University.
6. Develop the general policy required to achieve the objectives of the unit in line with the policy and objectives of the quality assurance center at the university.
7 - Adoption of the general system of work in the unit and define the terms of reference and general description of the duties of the employees based on the proposals of the Director of the Unit.
8. Include active members of the beneficiaries of the service to the Board of Directors or the Executive Board of the Unit.
9. Supervise the implementation of the objectives of the unit and monitor the progress of work, receive periodic reports from the unit manager and follow up the implementation of the recommendations.
10 - Supervising the implementation of projects obtained by the unit.