Internal Unit Regulations

Internal Regulations
For quality assurance unit
an introduction
The project of implementing the internal quality systems at the Faculty of Nursing is to reach a competitive institutional capacity that qualifies it to develop within the framework of quality standards. The project of establishing an internal quality assurance system at the Faculty of Nursing at Beni Suef University is also important for improving the quality of the graduates, To international quality standards. It also emphasizes the development of the understanding and ability of the graduate according to the existing specialties in the college, with emphasis on the active contribution in the process of development and innovation in order to keep abreast of the global development and achieve the quality of service of the educational process. The internal regulations of the Unit include the following items:

Item I
Create the unit
In line with the policy of the state to make a quantum leap in the university education in Egypt to transform from traditional universities to modern universities up to the world level using advanced methods of education and employment of information technology and modern management in order to ensure the quality of education has been approved the establishment of the quality assurance unit at the College on 2/4 / 2009. A special headquarters for the unit was set up in the college administration building and was inaugurated on 2/5/2009 where the meetings of the board of directors of the unit are held.

Item II
Unit Vision:
The Quality Unit of the Faculty of Nursing - Beni Suef University is looking to establish a quality assurance system in line with the quality standards of the National Authority to achieve the vision of the College to ensure continuous improvement in the application of quality standards to improve and improve the efficiency of the educational process in nursing.
Item III
Unit letter:
Participation of the unit in all the requirements of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and continuous upgrading of the educational process and served by students and the environment to achieve the mission of the College and in accordance with the strategy of the university, and seek to prepare the college for accreditation

Item IV
Strategic objectives of the unit:
• This unit aims to adopt an internal system of quality assurance in the faculty that ensures the achievement of a high level of education that contributes to the preparation of qualified graduates to meet the actual needs of the labor market and capable of development to be able to compete and excellence locally, regionally and internationally. And upgrading institutional capacity to support self-development and sustainable development within the framework of its acquired standards.
• Establishing a system of internal monitoring and evaluation (evaluation and evaluation).
• Establish a system of periodic reports on the quality of administrative and educational performance.
• Evaluate educational programs periodically to update and approve national academic standards and global benchmarks.
• Activation of quality requirements through the pivotal institutional capacity and educational effectiveness.
• Follow-up plans for improvement and development in college.
• Permanent communication with beneficiaries.
• Solutions to institutional educational problems through various project committees.
• College qualification for institutional and academic accreditation.
• Spreading awareness of quality at the college level and the community benefiting from the college.
• Develop strategic plans for the college to describe the current situation and desired status.
• Receive periodical reports of the quality committees, discuss them and adopt their annual plans.
• Proposing decisions to improve the efficiency, efficiency and flexibility of the teaching process and all other activities of the College and its formulation.
• Applying quality standards (institutional capacity and educational effectiveness) to the college's eventual accreditation.
• constructive communication between the quality unit and the quality assurance center at the university.
• To achieve the objectives of the quality assurance unit in the faculty to ensure total quality in all educational, research and service activities, the terms of reference, terms of reference, working procedures and means of measurement should be documented for each department of the college and the different departments, which is currently performed by the quality assurance unit. According to the previous terms of reference, documenting and making appropriate recommendations to improve performance to reach the desired quality level. The implementation of the quality system at the college is the beginning of the way towards accreditation of the college through the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation, which will ensure that the college fulfills the international academic and organizational requirements. The college graduate is internationally accredited, which we aspire to in the future under the globalization system to be followed.

Item V
Formation of the unit:
Shall be formed by a decision of the Dean of the College "Board of Directors of the Unit" and presented to the College Council for approval. It is as follows:
Board of Directors

Item VI
Organizational Structure of the Quality Assurance Unit
The organizational structure of the Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance Unit is as follows:
Organizational Structure of the Quality Assurance Unit
 Standard 1: Strategic Planning
Standard 2: Leadership and Governance
Standard 3: Quality Management & Development
Standard 4: Members of the Board and the supporting body
Standard 5: Administrative Body
Standard 6: Financial and material resources
Standard 7: Academic standards and educational programs
Standard 8: Teaching and Learning
Standard 9: Students and Graduates
Standard 10: Scientific research and scientific activities
Standard 11: Graduate Studies
Standard 12: Community Participation and Environmental Development

Article VII
The Dean of the College shall issue a decision to appoint an Executive Director of the Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance Unit of the College for a period of three years, subject to renewal, in accordance with the provisions of Article (

Functions of the Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance Unit of the College
Subject to what is mentioned in item () of the internal regulations of the Center for Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance at the University, the Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance Unit of the College shall be responsible for the following:

Item IX
Terms of reference of the Board of Directors
The Unit's Board of Directors shall approve the policies, programs and work systems that achieve the objectives of the Unit in the light of the quality strategy of the College and the University, and within the framework of the laws and regulations, as follows:
• Establishment of quality assurance unit.
• Adoption of the location of the unit and the organizational structure of the College Council.
• Preparation of work plan in the unit monthly and annually.
• Supporting cooperation with the Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation at the University by organizing periodic meetings and benefiting the Center with a monthly report on the effectiveness of the activities at the College.
• Approve and approve the reports submitted by the Unit Manager to the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center at the University.
• Develop the general policy required to achieve the objectives of the unit in line with the policy and objectives of the quality assurance center of the university.
• Adopting the general system of work in the unit and defining the terms of reference and general description of the duties of the employees based on the suggestions of the unit manager.
• Include active members of the service beneficiaries to the board of directors or the executive board of the unit.
• Supervise the implementation of the objectives of the unit and monitor the progress of work, and receive periodic reports from the Director of the Unit and follow-up implementation of the recommendations.
• Supervise the implementation of projects obtained by the unit.
Item X
Terms of reference and tasks of the Executive Director of the Unit
• Follow up the implementation of the general policy set to achieve the goals of the unit in line with the policy and objectives of the quality assurance center at the university
• Follow up the implementation of decisions issued by the Higher Committee of the Unit.
• Forming the administrative and organizational structure of the unit and selecting the faculty members of the faculty with experience in the field of quality assurance and development and defining the functional functions of all members of the unit
• Meeting periodically with the members of the unit (faculty and administrators)
• Technical and administrative supervision of the staff of the unit
• Follow-up work performance unit and take the necessary procedures for regularity and discipline with the establishment of mechanisms for internal and external evaluation
• Meeting periodically with quality assurance coordinators from faculty members who represent the college departments in the quality assurance unit
• Review the periodic reports of quality assurance coordinators in the college departments
• Supervising the provision of technical support from the unit to the departments of the faculty at the different stages of the development process and establishing an internal quality assurance system as well as monitoring the continuity of performance according to agreed standards
• Supervising awareness campaigns on the quality culture at the level of students and all employees (faculty members, the supporting staff, and administrative staff) at the college
• Attend the sessions of the College Council to present the activities, achievements, and recommendations of the Quality Assurance Unit
• Representing the unit and participating in conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses in the field of development and quality assurance
• Proposing the payment of bonuses or financial penalties for the two years and administrative in the unit and raising them.
• Representing the unit to others.
• Preparation of the annual report of the unit.
• Responsible for the progress of work in all projects related to quality systems and accreditation within the college.
• Other competencies delegated by the Board of Directors of the Unit
Item XI
Beneficiaries and direct relationship with the unit are:
External College:
• Center for Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance at the University.
• Beni Suef University Council.
• National Commission for Quality Assurance and Accreditation.
Supreme Council of Universities.
• Trade unions and professional associations that are directly related.
Institutions of civil society.
• Beneficiaries of the outputs of the college education.

Within the college:
• Scientific and administrative departments affiliated with the College.
the students.
• Faculty members, and their assistants.

Item XII
Financial system of the unit
The financial officer (the accountant of the unit) shall be appointed by a decision of the executive director of the unit after the presentation to the board of directors and determine its competence as follows:
• The unit shall have an annual financial budget approved by the Board of Directors. The financial year of the unit shall be in accordance with the financial year of the University. The financial officer of the unit under the supervision of the Executive Director shall prepare the financial unit center and the closing account within three months of the end of the financial year to be submitted to the Board of Directors. Competent bodies from or outside the college.
• The unit shall have a special account in the bank selected by the board of directors from among the approved banks. It may not be disbursed except in the areas that are consistent with the purposes of the unit.
• The financial and administrative structure of the unit is determined by a decision of the Board of Directors of the Unit and approved by the College Council.
The Unit's resources consist of:
- The amounts allocated by the university and the college for the unit to carry out its duties.
- Any other resources resulting from the activity of the unit.
- Financing from the project.

After the completion of the project and the cessation of the financial flow of the project, the remuneration of all members of the quality unit, including the unit manager, shall be kept in the quality activities of the special funds as stated in the project to ensure continuity. Similar to quality units at the faculties of Beni Suef University.

Item XIV
The provisions of these Regulations shall apply from the date of their approval by the College Council.