Curricula description

Clinical courses
Administration 105.pdf
Analytical Chemistry I PC 205.pdf
Analytical Chemistry II PC 306.pdf
Anatomy MD 304.pdf
Bio Standardization PE.pdf
Biochemistry I PB 401.pdf
Biochemistry II PB 502.pdf
Biopharmaceutics and Pharmcokinetics PT 609.pdf
Botany and Medicinal Plants PG 101.pdf
Clinical Biochemistry and PB 803.pdf
Clinical Microbiology PM 502.pdf
Clinical Pharmacy I PP 702.pdf
Clinical Pharmacy II PP 805.pdf
Community Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice PT 608.pdf
Drug Marketing PP 806.pdf
General and Physical Chemistry PC 101.pdf
General Microbiology and Immunology PM 401.pdf
Histology MD 203.pdf
Hospital Pharmacy PP 703.pdf
Instrumental Analysis PC 407.pdf
Mathmatics MS 101.pdf
Medical Terminology EN 302.pdf
Medicinal Chemistry I PC 509.pdf
Medicinal Chemistry II PC 610.pdf
Organic Chemistry I PC 102.pdf
Organic Chemistry III PC 304.pdf
Parasitology MD 406.pdf
Pathology MD 608.pdf
Pharmaceutical analysis and Quality Control PC 808.pdf
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology PM 703.pdf
Pharmaceutical Microbiology PM 704.pdf
Pharmaceutical Technology PT 607.pdf
Pharmacognosy I PG 202.pdf
Pharmacognosy II PG 303.pdf
Pharmacology I PO 701.pdf
Pharmacology II PO 802.pdf
Pharmacy Orientation PT 202.pdf
Physical Pharmacy PT 201.pdf
PhysiologyMD 305.pdf
Phytochemistry I PG 404.pdf
Phytochemistry-II PG 505.pdf
Phytotherapy 207.pdf
Psycology HU 302.pdf
Public Health and preventive medicine MD 710.pdf
Quality Control of herbal drugs PG 606.pdf
radio pharmaceutics PP701.pdf
Traumas and First Aid MD 609.pdf
Clinical nutrition PP 909.pdf
Clinical Pharmacokinetics PP 907.pdf
Drug Information PP 015.pdf
Gastroenterology PP 014.pdf
GMP. PE.pdf
Oncology PP 908.pdf
Toxicology and Foresnic Chemistry PO 904.pdf
Treatment of Cardiovascular system diseases PP 012.pdf
Treatment of dermatological and reproductive diseases PP 011.pdf
Treatment of Pediatrics diseases PP 011.pdf
Treatment of Respiratory system diseases PP 014.pdf
 Master Specification
Course Specification-analytical.pdf
Course Specification-bio.pdf
Course Specifications- clinical pharmacy.pdf
Course Specifications- pharmaceutical chem.pdf
Industrial master.pdf
Microbiology master.pdf
Organic master.pdf
pharmaceutics master.pdf
Pharmacognocy master.pdf
Pharmacology master.pdf
Program and Course specs
Administration 105.pdf
Analytical Cehmistry I 602.pdf
Analytical Chemistry II 603.pdf
Botany and Medicinal Plants 201.pdf
Computer 104.pdf
General and Physical Chemistry 601.pdf
Mathmatics 503.pdf
Medical Terminology 302.pdf
Organic Chemistry I 501.pdf
Organic Chemistry II 502.pdf
Pharmacognosy I 202.pdf
Pharmacy Orientation and History of Pharmacy 101.pdf
Physical Pharmacy 102.pdf
Analytical Chemistry III 604.pdf
Instrumental Analysis 605.pdf
Medical subjects 301.pdf
Organic Chemistry III 504.pdf
Organic Chemistry IV 505.pdf
Pathology and Parasitology 401.pdf
Pharmaceutics I 103.pdf
Pharmaceutics II 106.pdf
Pharmacognosy II 203.pdf
Pharmacognosy III 204.pdf
Psycology 311.pdf
Biochemistry I 701.pdf
Biochemistry II 702.pdf
Hospital Pharmacy 108.pdf
Medical Microbiology 403.pdf
Microbiology and Immunology 402.pdf
Pharmaceutics III 107.pdf
Pharmacology I 303.pdf
Pharmacology II 304.pdf
Pharmacology l 303 modified.pdf
Phytochem 205.pdf
Phytochemistry 206 course specs.pdf
Biopharmaceutics and Pharmcokinetics 111.pdf
Biostatistics and Biological Standardization of Drugs 306.pdf
Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 703.pdf
Community Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacy legislation 114.pdf
First Aid 308.pdf
Pharmaceutical Chemistry I 801.pdf
Pharmaceutical Chemistry II 802.pdf
Pharmaceutics IV 110.pdf
Pharmacology III 305.pdf
Phytotherapy 207.pdf
Public Health 405.pdf
Toxicology 307.pdf
Biotechnology 406.pdf
Clinical Pharmacy 109.pdf
Drug Information 116.pdf
Drug Marketing 209.pdf
Natural Product and Quality Control 207 course specs.pdf
Pharmaceutical Chemistry III 803.pdf
Pharmaceutical Microbiology 404.pdf
Pharmaceutical Technology I 112.pdf
Pharmaceutical Technology II 113.pdf
Quality Control and Quality Assurance 115.pdf