Cooperation Protocol with Dar Al-Maaref

1- Cooperation Protocol with Dar Al-Maaref

     BSU has signed a cooperation protocol, headed by the chancellor prof dr. Amin Lotfy, with Dar Al-Maaref. It includes the cooperation in all fields related to science, knowledge, printing and publishing, importing and exporting books and publishing scientific researches for the academic staff and researchers at the university, all through the editions that the corporation issues. In addition to establish a permanent gallery at the university for the attractive editions of Dar Al-Maaref: masterpiece books, scientific references, issues and literal and scientific editions.

     That has come after inaugurating the conference of the first environmental week which BSU organized to celebrate to Earth Day, headed by the chancellor dr. Amin Lotfy, as well as attending the vice-chancellor for community and environmental services dr. Rabeh Basta, the chief of Dar Al-Maaref, the representatives of the university, i.e., (the academic staff) and the students, at Ihab Ismail theatre inside the university.