Cooperation Protocol with the Russian University

5- Cooperation Protocol with the Russian University

     The chancellor of BSU dr. Amin Lotfy has signed a mutual cooperation protocol between BSU and the Egyptian Russian University, headed by the chancellor dr. Sherif Helmy. Lotfy welcomed dr. Sherif Helmy, dr. Khaled Elzahaby, the chief of the National Center for Housing and Building Research and dr. Magdy Helal, the manager of the Installations Physics Institute for Housing and Building Research. This in order to find ways of cooperation between BSU and the Russian University in all the researches used in nanotechnology which is involved in housing and building, in addition to pharmacy and engineering fields.

     Lotfy emphasized that the university welcomes the cooperation with the Russian University and with any scientific corporation for the sake of the scientific and the academic progress to benefit from researches and exchanging experiences, professors and students. He added also that despite of being BSU a new university, it enjoys good potentials especially the human ones: the Faculty of Engineering has an industrious academic staff in researches, the Faculty of Science is one of the old faculties that is important in developing the society and has a large group of researchers and the Faculty of Pharmacy which has 50% of the academic staff publishing their researches in international prominent magazines and have very unique projects.