Cooperation Protocol with the Ministry of Environment

6- Cooperation Protocol with the Ministry of Environment

     Within the national efforts of enabling the scientific research, services of the development’s orientations, improving the environmental services with new technological and scientific ways and also within the duties that BSU is doing, BSU has signed a mutual cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Environment, headed by the chancellor dr. Amin Lotfy and the minister dr. Mostafa Hussein Kamal. The counselor Maher Babers, the governor of Beni Suef, and dr. Rabeh Basta, the vice-chancellor for community service and environmental development attended signing the protocol.

     Lotfy said that this protocol aims at a mutual cooperation between the university and the Ministry of Environment through the role that each side plays to participate in achieving the sustainable development and enabling the scientific research by linking it with environmental issues. This is regarding the education and the scientific research as a service for the community and a development of the environment, in addition to the importance of the university in such matter. Thanks to the human resources and the modern technology in the university, it can contribute with the ministry to the success of all projects and solving environmental problems like recycling waste to generate power. Because the university is a house of experience in the governorate, this protocol is being enabled and the students are ready to participate in serving the community that surrounds it.