Cooperation Protocol with Chonnam National University

7- Cooperation Protocol with Chonnam National University

     A cooperation protocol has been signed between BSU and Chonnam National University in South Korea, Gwangju, headed by the chancellor dr. Amin Lotfy and prof. Yoon Soo Kim. It has been signed in a big ceremony organized by the Korean university, after dr. Amin Lotfy delegated dr. Fayez Shahin, the former dean of Faculty of Science and the former cultural counselor in Hungary, to sign the protocol with the chancellor of the Korean Chonnam University, so as to develop the relationships with the Korean universities that flourished in the last three years. In addition to the mutual cooperation that both universities are keen on, enabling the scientific and cultural exchange, reaching an advanced standard of education and to offer all services of development.

     Dr. Amin Lotfy emphasized that this protocol aims at spreading the education, exchanging experiences and having a mechanism to provide all the scientific and technical services offered to the student in a modern and sophisticated way that suits the technology of age. He said also that this protocol emphasized on the new strong standard of relationships with Korean universities. The protocol is also brought to fruition by applying its terms; increasing of exchanging professors, students and editions, participation in the conferences organized by both universities, mutual research projects between both universities and granting Ph.D.