Cooperation Protocol with Ain Shams University

10- Cooperation Protocol with the Swiss Institute in Alexandria

     The chancellor dr. Amin Lotfy welcomed Bergata Ani, the ambassador of the Swiss Institute in Alexandria, to discuss the mutual cooperation between BSU and the Swiss Institute. The chancellor emphasized that he always concerns with establishing cultural relationships that include important priorities; research projects work on achieving the goals of development in the field of advanced sciences, in order to serve the requirements of society for both sides. He added also that it is important to benefit from the mutual scientific researches and to increase cooperative chances in the field of scientific research, as well as exchanging students and scientific experiences.

     The ambassador indicated that this meeting was a good opportunity to find out available chances to establish a cooperation between both sides, especially in what is related to fields of creativity, research issues and also to know the tendencies of the students. At the end of the meeting, the chancellor gave the university shield to the ambassador Bergata Ani.