Cooperation Protocol with the Swiss Institute in Alexandria

11- Cooperation Protocol with Ain Shams University

     A cooperation protocol has been signed between BSU, headed by dr. Amin Lotfy, and Ain Shams University, headed by dr. Alaa Fayez. The meeting was attended by the vice-chancellors of Ain Shams University, dr. Khaled Abbas, the director of Open Learning Centre at BSU, and dr. Eid Nayel, the director of Open Learning Centre at Ain Shams University, in order to achieve the mutual cooperation that both universities seek to; therefore enabling the scientific and cultural exchange and also for the sake of developing the education standard of open learning besides offering all the advanced services used for it. For the first time, open learning involves teaching some of the postgraduate and professional diplomas besides some new programs that are available in Faculty of Commerce at BSU.

     Dr. Amin Lotfy, the chancellor of BSU, emphasized that the protocol aims at spreading the open learning as a new pattern of education and that achieving this cooperation starts with having a mechanism to offer all the scientific and technical services introduced to the student in an advanced method that suits the modern technology of age. He added also that it is the first time for BSU to teach some of the postgraduate and professional diplomas; Diploma in Project Planning and Management, Professional Diploma in Media, Diploma in Private Education, Diploma in University Teaching, Diploma in Crisis Management, Diploma in Strategic Planning, Diploma in Occupational Health, Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration, Diploma in Preparing Experts of Estates, Diploma in Applied Translation, etc. This will play a vital role in making use of the skills and experiences existed at the university by making the scientific material available for open learning students, whether it is a hardcopy book or CD: only for the students who are already registered in each program.