Pediatric Nursing Department

Department of Pediatric Nursing

It includes three major scientific disciplines:

2.1 Child Nursing and its Specializations.

2-2 Nursing of pediatric surgery and its specialties.

2.3 High-risk neonatal nursing.

The following scientific courses are included in the field of pediatric nursing:

Internal Medicine - Pediatric Surgery - Growth Psychology.

Faculty members and their assistants

Dr.. Seham moawafy Hassan professor

Dr.. Sahmi Sedqi Fahim  professor

Baraka Faham Mari Bashai Assistant Teacher

Ahmed Lotfy Abdel Latif Assistant Lecturer

Sherine Said Jouda Ahmed Assistant Lecturer

Iman Habib Sadek Assistant Lecturer

Asmaa Sayed Ahmed Mohamed  lecturer

Samah Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel Baki  lecturer

Marwa Abdullah Ramadan Ramadan lecturer

Fatima Sayed Rajab Shehata lecturer

Afaf Sayed Taha Ahmed lecturer

Asma Juma Mohammed Abdul Gawad  lecturer

Selection criteria for academic leaders (college policies and mechanisms)