Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Department

Psychiatric mental health nursing department, faculty of nursing, Beni Sueif University, will provide educational experiences which equip the students with comprehensive knowledge and develop innovations practices for their clinical work in psychiatric mental health nursing field.

The psychiatric mental health nursing department, faculty of nursing, Beni-Suef University, will provide the nursing students with different courses that will equip them with cognitive, practical and communication skills that will make them a care providers , decision maker and problem solver to deliver mental health preventive, curative and rehabilitative nursing care in hospital and  in the community.
Objectives of Practical Training
1. The students presence of in all sections at 8:30 am. and leave department at 1:30 pm.
2. Work daily meeting with the students before the start of practical training and after (pre and post conference)
3. Explain and clarify the specific objectives of practical training places (external-internal departments clinics).
4. Explain and clarify how to apply the observation form (observation guide).
5. Define students’ deadlines nursing reports required daily and weekly at the end of the semester.
6. Introduce students to the theory of topics that will be discussed in the practical training places topics of presentation 
7. Introduce students to therapeutic activities with patients within the practical training places.
8. An assessment of the student who exceeded absenteeism has about 25% of the total number of days of attendance in the classroom school (whether theoretical or practical).
9. Work fast examinations (quizzes) and oral exams and semester exams half in the eighth week of the season and it calculates the previous academic grades in the practical assessment of students.
10. Action entertainments for patients in practical training places after the end of the training period in each (Area) separately.

Divided into two main sub-specialties:
5-1 Addiction
5-2 Psychiatric Counseling

Include the following:
Psychiatric Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Human Relations and Group Dynamics

Department Staff :
Dr. Omaima Ezzat Mahmoud Lecturer
Dr. Saida ELsayed Hassan Lecturer
Dr. Entisar Mohammed Mahmoud Lecturer
Aliaa Abdallah Mahmoud Assistant Lecturer
Safa Mohamed Amin Assistant Lecturer
Shymaa Mohamed Hassan Assistant Lecturer
Hussein Mohamed Magdy Assistant Lecturer
Alshymaa Atta Hassan Demonstrator
Halla Ali Abdel-hay Demonstrator
Shyma Mahmoud Ahmed Demonstrator
Asmaa Rabee Ahmed Demonstrator
Gehad Ahmed Abdel-hameed Demonstrator