President of Beni-Suef University opens three exhibitions within the activities of the fifth environmental week

19 Mar 2017

Prof. Dr. / Amin Lotfy, president of Beni-Suef University opened three exhibitions for flowers and ornamental plants, clothing and book within the activities of the fifth environmental week organized by the community service and environmental development sector in the period between 19-23 of March.
The head of the university said that the aim of the book fair is to encourage students to read in diverse areas of cultural, art, poetry, literature, philosophy, stories , novels and translated books as it includes more than 3,000 books, pointing out that the flower exhibition includes many of internal and external ornamental plants as well as technical bulletins for the production of cotton, ornamental plants and the different ways for flower arranging and the importance of ornamental plants in Egypt.
The Rector added that clothing exhibition contains more than 2,000 pieces of new clothes for both male and female students who are not able at nominal prices ranging between five, ten and fifteen pounds, which is considered a form of social solidarity within the university.