The President of Beni Suef University visits the Faculty of Social Development and emphasizes the importance of the university's role in literacy projects

10 Sep 2017

The visit of Dr. Alaa Abdel Halim, President of Beni Suef University, to the Faculty of Social Work Development at the first complex in East Nile, was attended by the head of Beni Suef University.

Dr. Alaa Abdul Halim stressed that the university has a great responsibility in the field of literacy. It is the responsibility of faculty members, university staff and students. He also stressed the need for a scientific approach to analyze this phenomenon to find practical solutions to this issue. In order to serve the Suweidi community so that the priority of the plan is the subject of literacy in a modern way through holding intensive training courses and engaging the students in these exercises within the theoretical courses, in addition to developing a vision to take advantage of the youth energies in the service of the compensatory society, Students with their ideas that benefit the community.