Launch of the 12th Pediatrics Conference at the University

6 Mar 2018

       For his part, Dr. Alaa Abdel Halim praised the efforts of the Department of Pediatrics and its vital role in the community, supported by research and everything new in pediatric medicine to complete its tasks in full year after year.

      Dr. Ahmed El-Said Younis, President of the Egyptian Association of Pediatrics, discussed the common mistakes that mothers make in education and the psychological problems facing children as well as how the healthy mother treats her children to ensure they enjoy good health in the early stages and to prevent any diseases. Infect them and avoid complications.

       The conference, in its first session, deals with several researches that reviewed all that is new in blood diseases such as the Mediterranean sea, accumulation of iron level as well as hemophilia, children with hepatitis, thermal spasms, chronic chest diseases, thrombosis, And how to deal with some psychological and behavioral problems in children.