President of Beni Suef University: A new achievement in the university hospital

7 Jun 2018

    Dr. Mansour Hassan, President of Beni Suef University, announced the start of work in the unit of preparing hospital care medicines, which includes the latest sterilization apparatus for laminar air flow, which is another new achievement for the university hospital.

    Dr. Mansour Hassan said that this comes within the framework of the interest of Beni Suef University and its keenness to perform its role in the service of society, especially for the university's availability of medical staff and specialists in various medical departments at the highest level of efficiency and experience. To overcome all obstacles and provide all its possibilities to lift the burden on the citizen Suweidi.

   The head of the university confirmed that this device is re-circulating air polluted with chemicals, dust, dust and microbes and is introduced to the cab and become an air filtration process of all microbes and dust. He pointed out that in one day (40) Saline solution only, which led to the provision of a large number of solutions, which was wasted in advance, and also to provide a number of antibiotics to the hospital by the coordination of doses and benefit from the quantities of antibiotics that had been wasted in advance.