475 applicants for abilities tests at Faculty of Physical Education and Applied Arts at Beni Suef University

9 Jul 2018

     Dr. Mansur Hassan, President of Beni Suef University, announced the start of capacity tests in the faculties of physical education and applied arts at the university. 253 male and female students at Faculty of Physical Education offered 190 students and 63 students, 222 students at Faculty of Applied Arts with 67 students and 155 students, With a total of 475 at the kidney level, and the exams will end on Monday 23 of this month.

     The president of university explained that the capacity tests at Faculty of Physical Education take three days for each student. The first day is the signing of the initial medical examination. The offer includes the length committee, the weight committee, the weight committee, the skill committee, 800 m, his mind, flexibility, wide bounce, agility, then the third day personal test.

     Dr. Mansour Hassan added that the committees have been prepared the halls of tests and the allocation of professors to follow, and to verify the accuracy of measurements and weights and tools used in tests, indicating that it is required to applicants to the College of Physical Education should not be less height for boys from 165 cm, The weight of the weight should be equal to the length of the maximum weight of 15 kg or any scientific criteria related to the skill of the student.

    Dr. Mansour Hassan said that the papers are received in the building at Faculty of Physical Education and Applied Arts in the east of the Nile, Following the completion of the data presented in the papers presented, the tests are conducted under the supervision of a distinguished group of university professors. With the names and data of students who pass these tests to be nominated.