Beni Suef University Kung Fu team wins 9 various medals in the 51st Martyr Al-Rifai Championship

13 Feb 2024

Media Center
Prof. Dr. Mansour Hassan, President of Beni Suef University, announced that the “Kung Fu” team won 9 various medals in the 51st Martyr Al-Rifai Championship at the level of Egyptian universities, under the supervision of Dr. Gamal Abdel Rahman, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and Captain / Mohamed Farouk, Director General of the General Administration for Youth Welfare. 

  For his part, Prof. Dr. Mansour Hassan expressed his happiness and pride in the students’ honorable sporting achievement in the Kung Fu Championship, pointing out that these results reflect the great interest of the university in sponsoring sports activity and supporting students to achieve multiple sports achievements, praising the great effort made by the students and coaches in order to achieve these honorable results in the tournament.

It should be noted that in the methods competitions, the student / Ghada Shaaban Muhammad and Doaa Thabet Momen won first place, Alia Walid Muhammad wan the third place, Karim Essam Sayed won the first place, and Karim Essam Sayed won the second place, while in the Sanda competition, the student / Ahmed Eid Abdullah won the first place , weight of 75, Omar Mohamed Abdel Azim won the first place in the 80 weight, Nourhan Hassan Hosni won the second place in the 52 weight, and Hoda Ali Abdel Moneim won the third place in the 60 weight, with the coaches, Captain /Imad Metwally and Captain / Mustafa, and under the supervision of Captain / Shaima Ahmed Ali.