University Origin

Cairo University branch in Beni Suef was established in 1981.
Beni Suef University was established by Presidential Decree No. (84) of 2005 and became independent from the prestigious Cairo University

The university includes (Faculty of Commerce - Faculty of Law - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Faculty of Arts - Faculty of Science - Faculty of Education - Faculty of Pharmacy - Faculty of Medicine - Faculty of Nursing - Faculty of Industrial Education
- Faculty of Engineering - Faculty of Physical Education).

The study system at the university consists of two semesters, with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine, where the duration of study in each semester is 15 weeks, followed by an exam at the end of the semester, and the general result of the grade is at the end of the academic year.

The number of graduates since the beginning of the study in Beni Suef faculties until 2007 is 62,321 graduates from various faculties and institutes.