Vision and Mission

Mission & Vision


Through self- evaluation of its educational programs, Beni-Suef University seeks to advance a permanent development in its educational process, promote the quality of performance, and obtain an outstanding position among local, regional and international universities.



--Preparing qualified graduates fully equipped with scientific knowledge  and experiences in different fields of specialization. Enabling them to offer, create, and compete in labor market whether locally,  regionally or internationally.

---Providing a new generations of remarkable scientists, intellectuals, and men of letters who can make an effective participation in society by promoting its culture and environment.

--Reinforcing the sectors of production for universal competition through distinguished academic programs and standards.


Strategic Goals :

The university seeks to achieve its mission through the followings:


 --The continuous development of educational and postgraduate programs to cope with the requirements of the present time and lead to graduate well qualified students.

--The effective use of the available and renewable University facilities to promote the scientific and practical levels of the graduates and sustain the development of societal services.

 --Updating the level of University administrative system by turning it into electronic one to connect not only the University's faculties together but also with other national, regional and international educational associations.

--Providing new prominent educational programs and institutes to enable the University to achieve self-reliance.

 --Establishing specialized scientific centers for effective training and societal service which strengthen the cultural progress.

 --Creating an atmosphere of excellence and innovation and deepening noble values that maintain the fabric of society, national loyalty, ideal examples, and good ethics.

 --Promoting community on scientific grounds and resolving its problems that impede success through directed research projects.