Faculty of Commerce

Regulation of the Faculty of Commerce for Graduate Studies

The Regulation was issued pursuant to Ministerial Resolution No. 789 on 16/3/2005, revoking Ministerial Decree No. 495 on 24 April 1996

Section I - General Framework of the Regulation

College Sections, Degrees and Applied Diplomas

Article (1): The College consists of the following scientific sections:

1. Accounting Department.

2. Department of Business Administration

3. Department of Maths and Insurance

Article (2): Upon the request of the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University grants the following scientific degrees and applied diplomas in the field of postgraduate studies:

First: Master's degree (MSc) in one of the following specialization divisions:


2. Business Administration

3. Sports and insurance

Second: The degree of Doctor of Philosophy in one of the specialized branches:


2. Management of business

3. Maths and insurance

Third: Applied Graduate Diploma 


- Accounting and auditing

- Government and national accounting

- Accounting Information Systems

Tax accounting

- Cost accounting

- Environmental Accounting

- accounting administration

- feasibility studies of projects

Business Administration

- Business Management

- Marketing

- Operations management and production

- Management and development of human resources

- Investment and financial markets

- Public Administration

- Hospital Management

- Banks and financial institutions

- Management of hotels and tourist villages

- Management of small project.

Maths and Insurance: -

Life Assurance.

- General insurance

- Social Security

- Reinsurance and insurance complexes

- Risk management

- Transportation insurance

- Actuarial Sciences (in English)

Fourth: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the following disciples:

- Business Management

- Marketing Management

- Management of health services and hospitals

- Finance and investment

- HR

Section II - Procedural and Operational Framework:

First: Conditions of registration:

(A) for Master's Degree (MSc):

Article (3): A student is required to enroll for a master's degree

1. He must have a bachelor's degree in commerce in the specialization with at least  good grade from one of the universities of the Arab Republic of Egypt or a modified degree from another recognized scientific institute.

(B) or he has a bachelor's degree in Commerce in a non-specialization department from one of the Arab universities of Egypt or an equivalent degree from another recognized scientific institution, provided that he passes the examinations in the supplementary courses required by the system determined by the College Council based on the suggestion of the relevant department council.

(C) or he must have one of the higher applied diplomas related to Specialization Division with at least a very good degree, provided that obtaining a bachelor's degree in commerce.

2. If the applicant holds a university qualification in a non-specialization in commerce, from one of the universities of the Arab Republic of Egypt, or another recognized scientific institute, the general grade must be at least good and pass the examination in supplementary courses, in accordance with the system proposed by the relevant department council and approved by the College Council

3. If the applicant holds a university qualification in another specialization from a university in the Arab Republic of Egypt, or from recognized scientific institute, and holds one of the applicable graduate diplomas related to the specialization department, the general grade in this diploma must be at least very good and pass Exam in supplementary courses according to the system proposed by the relevant department council and approved by the college council.

4 - to be Full-time student during study period.

5-to be good in the English language.

6. The student must submit the registration form for submission to the department council upon the proposal of the relevant department council and the approval of the college council. The registration date shall be considered from the date of approval of the college council.