Institute's objectives

 educational
Creating a Integrated disciplines studying method to the study in the field of aging, to get
 training
The training of scientific cadres
The development of an integrated interdisciplinary training programs
 research
Develop a long-term strategy in the field of study and care of the elderly
Doing compared Scientific studies for the elderly in Egypt, the Arab world and foreign countries
Organizing conferences and seminars
 service
Improving the quality of elderly services
The development of innovative services, such as:
Urgent advice services (via phone) or moving to elderly services

Social 
Development of methods of verification of social integration and cohesion through the participation of the younger generations in the care of the elderly
 media
The development of a positive culture to deal with the elderly and their reverence and benefit from their expertise and appreciate their giving
Scientific and technical preparation of media programs for the elderly and their caregivers designed to improve the health, psychological and social level of their compatibility
 legislative
The development of legislation on the treatment of the elderly in order to ensure their right to health, psychological and social care